Palladium (II) Acetate

  • Palladium (II) Acetate
  • Palladium (II) Acetate
  • Palladium (II) Acetate
  • Palladium (II) Acetate
Palladium (II) Acetate
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  • 500KG per annum

Palladium (II) acetate content is high, and the metal Pd content can reach 47%. The supply is sufficient, with an annual supply of 500 kg.
Palladium (II) acetate has high activity and good catalytic effect.
Palladium (II) Acetate has guaranteed the supply of raw materials and precious metals at competitive prices.
Palladium (II) Acetate (cas: 3375-31-3) is mainly used in aromatic alkylation and olefin carbonylation.

Palladium (II) Acetate Description:

Palladium (II) acetate is Brown powder, and the content of Pd is 47%. The content and packaging can be customized according to customer requirements.

Palladium (II) Acetate application:

Palladium (II) Acetate is a widely used palladium compound. In addition to being an important raw material for palladium plating bath and gas sensitive materials and for synthesizing other palladium compounds, it is mainly used as a catalyst for the key step in the synthesis of drugs or pharmaceutical intermediates, mainly used in the HeckChemicalbook reaction, cross coupling reaction and Suzuki coupling reaction. It can also be used in the carbonylation of alkenes and the oxidation of alkenes and 2-alcohols to ketones. It is widely used in cyclohexanone, adipic acid and caprolactam industries, and also in the field of nonlinear optical material synthesis

Advantages of our Palladium (II) Acetate production:

Professional production for many years, process stability, quality stability. With high content, catalysts of different specifications and contents can be customized according to customer requirements.



Product Name

Palladium (II) Acetate








Brown powder

melting point(℃)

205 °C



Packing specification


Storage conditions

Store below 30°C.

PackagingStorage and Transport

PP/PE plastic bottle.  1.0kg/barrel

Moisture,waterproof,anti-exposureAway from any hot objects or fire

Multiple transportation methods could be selected by customers, including Ocean Transport, Air Transport, Rail Transport and Courier Transport. Our priciple is to delivery the goods reached to customers with shortest time and ecomomictrasnport mode, safe and fast.

Our Advantages

1. With more than 20 years of experience in chemical synthesis, the production is stable and the timely delivery rate is guaranteed.

2. There is a complete quality control system from raw materials entering the factory, production control and product warehousing. Perfect testing conditions to ensure 100% qualified products.

3. The product is cost-effective, and samples are provided.

4. OEM service, combined with its own advantages, accepts customized production of products to meet different needs of customers.

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Our commitment:

From the initial consultation to the final delivery of your order, we promise as follows:

1) The quality of the goods is the same as the sample or COA provided to you for the first time.

2) The packaging is carried out according to the customer's requirements, safe and beautiful. Take photos during container loading and provide them to each customer.

3) The delivery time shall be in strict accordance with the customer's requirements. The shipment will be completed by us, and direct transshipment will be reserved for timely arrival. The transportation details will also be informed.

4) After the ship leaves, the full set of transport documents will be scanned and delivered to you on time.

5) If there is any problem after picking up the goods or during the use, we can solve the problem at any time.

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