• 1.How to ensure the timeliness of goods?

    (1)Regular products are kept in quantitative inventory. Unconventional products with sufficient raw materials;
    (2)The product process is mature, the factory production is stable, and the employees have rich experience to ensure the smooth production of products;
    (3)Product transportation shall cooperate with professional freight companies to ensure smooth customs declaration and transportation of products.

  • 2.How to ensure the timeliness and effectiveness of quotation?

    (1)Timely provide the quotation within 24 hours after receiving the customer's inquiry;
    (2)The price of precious metal catalyst products is valid on the same day, and the transaction price shall be subject to the quotation on the day when the contract is signed;
    (3)The quotation of other products is valid within 7 days.

  • 3.How to ensure the stability of product quality?

    (1)The production plants have passed ISO9001 quality system certification;
    (2)We firmly believe in the concept of "quality is produced, not inspected". Every product has a mature production process, and the company's employees are trained strictly before taking up their posts;
    (3)Professional quality inspection and quality assurance personnel shall be trained and qualified before taking up their posts;
    (4)Perfect quality standards for raw materials, intermediates and products;

  • 4.What kind of technical support is provided?

    (1) It can provide pre-sales technical support and after-sales technical support, including pre-sales technical question answering, product selection, etc.
    (2)When the product has problems, we can cooperate with customers to solve them. The forms of technical support include telephone communication, video conference, on-site service, etc. The specific ways are friendly communication between both parties.

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